Alexis is an unnamed Ghost-type Eevee evolution who lives in Zwei's House. She is married to Zwei and has one child.
Bth FakeEeveeevolutionGhostType

Alexis with eyes covered






Derek (half-brother)

Angelica (half-sister)

Children Kaitlyn (by Zwei)


Alexis has a well proportioned body, giving her breasts and ass perfect balance with the rest of her body. In contrast to her appearance with her eyes covered, she always wears a joyful smile on her face and is considered one of the most adorable girls in the family. She has typical ghost powers such as floating, walking through physical objects, and possessing other people's bodies.


Alexis is the youngest of Mane's children, which, along with her small body, gives her the title as the baby of the family. Although she looks adorable and innocent, her sex drive is only rivaled by Valerie's. She befriended Laura and Zwei soon after their arrival, eventually becoming Zwei's girlfriend, and later on, his wife. Her and Laura enjoy pushing eachothers buttons, which often results in a light-hearted struggle which is followed by a lesbian sex session. When she was kidnapped by Blitz, she was able to reach out to Zwei, which allowed him to rescue her and set off the chain of events that led to M.M.'s liberation.