C.C. is a human from the Geass Dimension who lives in Mane's House. She is married to Mane and has one child.

Unknown (deceased)

Unknown (deceased)

Siblings Unknown (deceased)
Children Angelica (by Mane)


C.C. has long, green hair, moderate breasts, and a large ass. Her forehead bears the mark of Geass which gives her many abilities.

With Geass, C.C. is not only immortal, but she can also make other immortal. This is sort of a ritual, where someone goes to C.C. when they decide they are the age they wish to be. She can also affect people mentally, giving them pleasurable feelings or nightmares.


C.C. was born hundreds of years ago in the Geass Dimension. Against her will, she was given the Geass Code, making her immortal. She witnessed the world change for hundreds of years around her and grew to think of her Geass as a curse. She eventually met up with Lelouch, and helped him form the Black Knights and fight against the oppressive regime of the Britannian Empire. During this, she met Kallen and although they didn't like each other at first, they grew close and eventually became involved in a secret relationship.

When Yoko accidently transported herself to the Geass Dimension, both C.C. and Kallen decided to leave their dimension and risk traveling with Yoko in order to escape the unending wars. Their gamble brought them to the Pokemon dimension. C.C. met Mane, who showed her an immense amount of affection. He managed to warm C.C. up to the world and made her realize that her Geass did not have to be a curse, and that she managed to learn how to make others immortal. A side effect of immortality is infertility, but through experimenting, C.C. managed to become fertile for long enough for Angelica to be born.

When she learned about M.M., she understood why Mane had been so attached to her, as M.M. was another Geass user from the Geass Dimension and an old friend of C.C.. After M.M. was freed from Blitz, C.C. grew closer to her. She now enjoys a carefree life and says that deciding to trust in Yoko was the best decision she's ever made.

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