Carmen is a human. She is not married and has no children.




Siblings Unknown
Children None

She is the third member of Valerie's Harem.


Carmen is Latina and has black hair that goes down to her mid back.


While all of the girls in Valerie's Harem are beautiful and skilled in their own rights, Carmen is one of the most beautiful, and is objectively the most talented. Being the first girl Valerie actually took in, Carmen received personal training from both Valerie and Isa, allowing her to rival the sexual abilities of the women of Valerie's own family. Unlike every other girl in the harem, Carmen approached Valerie first instead of the other way around. Overwhelmed by Valerie's libido, she immediately began to admire her soon to be mistress. From there, Carmen stayed with Isa and Neal to improve her skills until Valerie found the grotto that would be used as their base.