M.M. is a human from the Geass Dimension who lives in Mane's House. She is not married and has one child.

Unknown (deceased)

Unknown (deceased)

Siblings Unknown (deceased)
Children Mane (by Blitz)


M.M. is physically 40 years old, and she is extremely beautiful with long flowing orange hair. Though rather frail physically, her Geass allows her to give extreme pleasure during sex, so much so that most people have trouble fucking her. She is very kind to everyone and gracious for being liberated from Blitz.


Born over a thousand years ago, M.M.'s past in the Geass Dimension is largely a mystery. She with close friends with Z.Z., another Geass user who was born at a similar time, and later knew C.C.. After Z.Z.'s disappearance, she remained largely secluded from the world, until Blitz, corrupted by Geass, dragged her to the Pokemon Dimension where she was brutally raped and tortured constantly. She only managed to stay alive because of her Geass, yet she was basically lifeless for an unknown number of years. Being powerless to oppose Blitz, she focused all of her efforts on herself, and managed to become pregnant with Mane, and managed to protect him from harm. When Mane escaped, she imagined she would never see him again, and Blitz's torture of her was even worse than before. She managed to survive long enough to be rescued eventually, though it took over a month of recovery for her to even become somewhat functional again.

Away from Blitz, she has been treated with the utmost care and respect. She is the oldest not only physically, but C.C. asserts that she has lived the longest of any Geass user she knew. Having recovered significantly, though still frail, M.M. occasionally indulges in sex with others, and it is considered a great honor to have her consent to sex.

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