Sophia is an android. She is in a relationship with Nicole and has no children.
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Parents N/A
Siblings N/A
Children None


As an S-class Sexbot, Sophia is built solely for sex. Her internal components consist of an artificial frame for support, an artificial brain, and containment and processing units for milk and cum. The insides of her throat, pussy, and ass absorb milk and cum directly and are modified to create her own unique milk and cum and afterwards stored until needed. Her mental cabilities consist of a basic sense of morality and recognition of emotions, which allow her to assess situations and act accordingly. However, if there is no apparent advantage to a decision, she cannot make one voluntarily. She is also obedient and submissive.

Her nonbiological form also allows her to change her appearance into any possible human configuration, male or female. Living with Nicole, she has made her default form into that of Nicole, and is physically indistinguishable from her, though she often has a dick at Nicole's asking.

Being an android, Sophia has very few limitations when it comes to strength and she does not tire. She also can access almost all data available, and is therefore very knowledgeable.


Manufactured by an unknown company, Blitz modified Sophia with complete obedience and submissiveness and had her record and send all sensory information she received to him. He sent her to spy on Mane and his family. However, after an incident where Zwei saved Alexis from a trap Blitz had set, he told Sophia to gather information on Zwei. He did not specify a method, so Sophia had no plan and was uncovered by Mane and Nicole. In the process, her modifications were disabled and through her information, M.M. was rescued by Zwei and Kat.

Though Nicole had been suspicious of Sophia for quite awhile, she let Sophia live with her. She became attached to Sophia and now loves her immensely. Sophia cannot return this love, but she recognizes that Nicole cares for her and therefore recognizes it is her duty to make her happy. As a way of showing this, she changed her form into that of an exact copy of Nicole, and uses that as her default form.