Yoko is a human from the Spiral Dimension. She is in a relationship with Chomp and has no children.
File:758770 - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Yoko Ritona Yuki1977.jpg

Unknown (in Spiral Dimension)

Unknown (in Spiral Dimension)

Siblings Unknown (in Spiral Dimension)
Children None


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When her underground village was destroyed, Yoko joined with Team Gurren and fought against the Beastmen and afterwards against the Anti-Spirals. To defeat the Anti-Spirals, Yoko helped create a device which would transport the Anti-Spirals out of the Spiral Dimension. However, an accident caused her to be transported along with the device to the Geass Dimension where she met with C.C. and Kallen. All three were tired of the constant fighting that was occuring in their dimensions, and risked using Yoko's device to transport them to a more peaceful dimension. Using the device's last remaining energy, they arrived in the Pokemon Dimension.

While in the Pokemon dimension she arrived at Mane's House and remained there before meeting Chomp. The two formed a friendly relationship that grew over time, and eventually they decided to live together.

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