Z.Z. is a human from the Geass Dimension. She was married to Blitz and had no children. She is currently deceased.

Unknown (deceased)

Unknown (deceased)

Siblings Unknown (deceased)
Children None


Z.Z. had long, dark gray hair and large breasts. Her Geass abilities are unknown.


Though her age is unknown, she grew up with M.M. and were close friends. She acquired her Geass by accident, and got M.M. interested in its power. Z.Z. was also fascinated with the concept of alternate dimensions and researched them extensively. After centuries of studying and experimenting, Z.Z. managed to cross into the Pokemon Dimension, where she met Blitz, who was researching the same thing. Together they used their technology to become quite wealthy and famous. They grew close and were eventually married. As a gift, Z.Z. gave Blitz his own Geass.

Unfortunately, he was unable to control his Geass and ended up being consumed by it, and the thought that he was aging and getting old while Z.Z. remained young. A fully corrupt Blitz, in his desire for immortality, stole Z.Z.'s code, making himself immortal but rendering Z.Z. mortal. Having lived around a millenia, she died very shortly afterward.